Our Services

Pentagram provides world class services in interior design and fit out works to a broad range of clients across Qatar and other countries. Our team of experts is committed to client satisfaction and are highly capable of managing all of our clients' needs with their knowledge of a wide variety of sectors.


In 2010 Pentagram became part of the first construction firms to offer the advantages of design-build construction to our clients in Qatar. Since then, we have carried out various turnkey design-build contracts, including full interior design, fit out and furnishing.


The pre-construction phase defines the project's character and is one of the most critical stages in a project's life cycle. To be an effective component of the overall project delivery plan, the pre-construction process must expand beyond the traditional estimating exercise. Early on our teams work diligently to define the overall construction approach, schedule and purchasing methodology, all of which directly impact the eventual quality, schedule and overall cost.


Our efficient and highly trained team comes together for each project to determine the best and fastest course of action which will allow us to deliver our projects on predetermined tight schedules. Flawless organization and logistics come together in our project plans to obtain the best performance from the supply chain.

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